High-Speed Californian Electric Trains

High-Speed Californian Electric Trains
Mar 2023

Brightline Rail Company rolls out its new project after it reached an agreement with the High-Speed Rail Labor Coalition, which is an organization that is made up of 13 unions. The company will be releasing the first high-speed rail that connects Las Vegas to Los Angeles as the track will be ready by 2027. The new transportation system will be entirely electric and will take over a distance of 218 miles.
The usual road trip between the two cities is about 4 hours and the new bullet train will travel at 200 mph, reducing the time of travel significantly. Once the train is ready to run and operate regularly, the network will have stations set up at the " Las Vegas Strip, Rancho Cucamonga, Apple Valley, and Hesperia, California."
Image Credit: Dreamstime.com, Chenjingpo2004